if you want to feel confident from the inside - out,

  this 21 day challenge

is for you.

I know, you want all the deets right?

It's as simple as walking in to target & dropping $100. LOL kidding. Kinda.

Click that cute lil button to register for the challenge, I know a big $21 to change your life!

After purchase, you'll get an email to get inside our group chat (we use an app called Telegram) & this is where it goes dowwwn. Make sure to check your spam, sometimes the email gods think we belong there???

We usually get things poppin' on a Monday so you'll want to make sure you get your before photos ready & then follow along in the chat & your inbox for all the other goodies!

You'll get an example meal plan to follow, supplement recommendations, workouts for each day, snack ideas, simple recipes & then it's up to you: consistency is the secret sauce!

Inside the chat we will have some raffle opportunities & once 21 days hit, we share our before/after photos (if you want to of course)!

To celebrate our challenge ending, we will hop on a live video chat (we use Zoom) to announce our raffle winners, grand prize winners, & share our successes together!

The girl ready to fit into her jeans again

The girl confused af walking into the gym

The girl that doesn't know wtf to eat to keep the weight off

The girl that started 700 "diets" and finished 0

The girl that craves positivity in her life

The girl that looking for friends outside of the office

The girl that is ready for more!

not your basic 

online challenge

An eating schedule based on your days + foods you actually like
Day by day workouts for at home or in the gym
24/7 online group chat aka your girl gang filled with positivity, motivation, + support

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