hey boo, right now you may be comparing yourself,

you may be judging yourself,

you may be contemplating if this tribe is for you

& if you really could belong.


welcome to being human AF. just so you know:

she graduated from UCLA, she dropped out of community college

she is a mom, she has a 2 fur babies

she is an 80's baby, she is a 90's girl

she was the CFO of a finance company, she managed a fitness studio + taught pre school


our backgrounds, & our lives may be complete opposites on paper (lol like our height)

but guess what? we are women. & THAT is our superpower.


we don't need to know your story.

we don't need to read your resume.

we don't need to understand your past.


we accept you, right now, right here, exactly where you are meant to be.

Heather Cullen

About me 

BOSS mama coming thru.


People often ask me how I’m so positive or how I have it all together.  Girl. BYE.

My sweet adorable babe screams at me when he wants something and I JUST SMILE AND LAUGH BECAUSE, WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO DO?


I feel like my life is going so fast I can’t even keep up with it.

I forget things all the time, and keep wondering where I put my calendar or my latest to do list.


When my life feels out of control, I jump in our girl gang and remember I’m not the only one with chaos going on.  I send a positive quote that shifted my energy that morning, and I get 15 responses of “wow needed that” and I’m reminded that we are all in this together. 


I drink my morning cocktail of energy tea and collagen, and feel like I put my superwoman cape on.  I’ve been on this fitness and health journey for a while now. 


I have mom abs, I know how to help people.  I got a full ride scholarship to play volleyball at UCLA, but that doesn’t mean I know how to survive this #momlife. 

That takes support.  That takes intention.  That takes this tribe. 


We got this.

Mel Clark

About me

Even with all the IG pics & stories, I still don’t know how to properly tell you my front 6 teeth are fake. LOL. They really are though!


Now that we’ve jumped into the vulnerability bed together…HI I’m Mel.

An ex athlete,

ex Taco Bell drive thru-er,

ex negative self-talker,

& an ex lost millennial.


I’ve uncovered my Queen AF power starting with my eating habits. Once I dropped 13lbs in 30 days, & actually was excited to get ready everyday I knew I had to share what I’ve learned with any girl in my old circumstances.

I am now full of energy, confidence, strength, & love.


I actually enjoy working out VS doing it because I felt guilty for the double double animal style the night before (PS still eat these now, & love myself every bite).


The physical results have ignited the internal discoveries. Beliefs that I'm not good enough, or I'm too much, or I can't be successful have been getting weaker every day.


I'm truly excited you're reading this, because i know its possible for you too.


One baby step at a time.

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