girl gang.



 you know when you're looking for a girlfriend to workout with?

or a solid person to vent to that won't judge you?



or a happy hour date that won't laugh at you for ordering the crispy brussels instead of the onion rings?

or when you just need a freakin hypeman when you feel like giving up?


we do the workouts with you & encourage you to skip a day for a massage


we eat the healthy meals with you & help you finish the bottle of Cabernet 


we feel the irritation from life life-ing on us & we hold the space for you to know its ok to not be ok


we're your healthy bffs.

21 day challenge

This is our jam. Kickstart your healthy habits, or spice up your normal routine with us. We run this whole thing online.

What to know something crazy? We started with just us 2 & now we have over 1,439 women that we've connected with through a challenge. You could say we're obsessed af with our mission of transforming: mind/body/soul.



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